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        Melbourne, Australia                              

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Providing precision 3D scanning, measuring and modelling
equipment to Health, Sports and Fashion industries. 

Binary Health Care provides footwear & foot-care professionals with simple to use, highest-precision foot measuring and modelling equipment.

We also provide powerful design software and data flow/management solutions for customers involved in the design and manufacture of
customised, medical-grade & bespoke footwear and orthotics.

Our affiliation with Shoe Lasts Australia gives us resources to offer customers comprehensive, automated and customized design and manufacturing solutions;  including automated last-milling and automated pattern-cutting.  The whole process, from a client's initial scan to manufacturing a finished product is achieved in an impressively short time-frame.  

April 2012

Sydney, Australia.
First public demonstration of working prototype Desktop CNC &
Compact 3D Scanner/Pressure Analysis system.
IMAGE:I-Ware Laboratory joined BHC at Sydney's IVO Congress to launch new technologies.

Video:Demonstrating the Desktop CNC (no audio)           

March 2012

IMAGE:Tokyo, Japan.
BHC visited a newly
opened flagship retail
store: many I-Ware
scanners installed.

March 2012

Visit BHC at the IVO 2012 congress in Sydney on March
29th to 31st.
Joining our display, with Shoe Lasts Australia, will be a
full representation from I-Ware Laboratories, Japan.  
Mr Kozo Kimura, CEO and Inventor of pioneering,
state-of-the-art 3D Foot Scanning technology will
be joined by other key mebers of the I-Ware team. 
We are honoured to host the worldwide launch of
exciting new I-Ware technologies, with fully working
prototypes on display at our booth.

January 2011 

Tennis Player Novak Djokovic takes time-out from the Australian Open to have his feet scanned by BHC for custom tennis shoes.
IMAGE: Melbourne, Australia. Athlete Novak Djokovic scanned by BHC.